The story of tea in Iran

داستان چای ایرانی - کاشف السلطنه

The story of tea in Iran China is known as the main origin of this popular beverage. Scientifical name of original tea plant is camellia Sinensis flower, which after processing and brweing is turned into a soothing beverage. Tea cultivation in Iran started 110 years ago, when mohamad mirza chaykar known as kashefolsaltane, the first […]

Process of producing tea

مراحل تولید چای

Process of producing tea 1. Harvesting Harvesting and plucking the leaf as a bud and two leaves which are the most delicate, high quality and useful part of the tea plant. 2. withering In this step, the water and humidity of the leaf will be extracted and solid materials will be concenterated and in simpler […]

Iranian tea types:

انواع چای ایرانی

Iranian tea types: Early spring tea: Tea production starts in the spring, after hibernation of tea. The best tea quality is produced in the early spring and after hibernation of bushes. Early spring tea is a high quality tea in terms of scent, taste and color, which is harvested in the spring and specialy in […]

How to identify healthy and quality tea?

چای سالم

How to identify healthy and quality tea? Identifying quality tea has some factors: Appearnace of dry tea Brewed tea Brewed tea dregs The quality of tea depends on the nature and chemical compounds of the leaf in the first place, which depends on the type and race of the bush, growing conditions and leaf type, […]

How to make a cup of exhilarating tea?

فنجان چای نشاط آور

How to make a cup of exhilarating tea? Brewing tasty tea is a kind of art. An art of making leaves dance in the hot water, which result in a delicious beverage perfect for refreshment, rejuvenating and exhilarating. Every leaf of tea plant is full of thousands of natural and chemical materials that can make […]

Tea properties

خاصیت این نوشیدنی گرم و دلچسب

Tea properties Its antibacterial and antioxidants properties have made tea, one of the healthiest and the most popular beverages in the world. Tea leaf contains calcium, magnesium, sodium, pottasium, tannin and cafein. Strengthening heart, reducing stress, improving the immune system, cholesterol lowering, improving oral health, strengthening bones, increasing awareness, relieving depression and cancer prevention are […]