Process of producing tea

1. Harvesting

Harvesting and plucking the leaf as a bud and two leaves which are the most delicate, high quality and useful part of the tea plant.

بوته چای

2. withering

In this step, the water and humidity of the leaf will be extracted and solid materials will be concenterated and in simpler words, tea leaves in this step will be placidizated.

پلاس کردن چای

3. Rolling

In the next step, the rolling starts. The placidizated leaves are sent to the machine and will be twisted and rolled until cell destruction and fermantation begins.

فرآیند مالش برگ چای

4. Fermentation

Then, the leaves are transported to fermentation salon. Cell fermentation inside the leaf will continue in this step. The fermentation process takes 2 to 3 hours and will be sent to dryer in the best situation.

خشک کردن برگ چای

5. Drying

In this step, the tea will be dryed with indirect heat to fix quality and also cease the fermantation.

خشک کردن چای

6. Sorting and classification

In the last part, the tea will be classified by size, quality and sorting and will be packaged as FBOP, OP, broken and dust tea, which we see in the market.

سورت و طبقه بندی چای