The Golabetoon Brand History

since 1955

The history and origins of Fargoon Youtab trading Co and Golabetoon brand, dates back to the establishment of Asefi Tea Factory in 1955. In 2002, the Company was then expanded after his family started production, packaging, sorting, sales and export. Fargoon Youtab is the first company in Iran which has used color sorter machines for cleaning and sorting tea , in fact utilizing well – equipped and fully automatic machinaries for production, packaging and sorting is a noticeable feature of Golabetoon brand.

The objective of Fargoon Youtab company and Golebetoon brand is  providing fragrant, delicious, healthy and natural tea. Besides all the qualities a good tea must have, we believe healthy tea should be pleasant and enlivening, and it should bring you all the joy of nature, not just something you drink as a matter of routine, you must feel evey sip.

The combination of humidity and the mountainous nature of the northern regions have provided favorable conditions for the growth of the word’s most popular drink, tea. It is better to know that Iranian tea is one of the healthiest teas in the world. On the other hand the type of mountainous weather in the northern parts, in addition to creating a pleasant taste of this tasty product, has a lesser effect on the number of pests. So, in this cases, the need to use pesticides will be minimized so Golabetoon tea is one of the healtiest tea brands in the world. 

It is worth noting that the company exports tea to some countries such as  Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Georgia, Tajikestan, Pakistan and the UAE.

Golabetoon products include green and black tea which are produced and provided as bulk and packages in types of flowery broken orange pekoe, orange pekoe, broken 1, broken orange pekoe, gunpowder and dust tea.

کارخانه چای سازی گلابتون
Asefi Tea factory- 1955
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