How to identify healthy and quality tea?

Identifying quality tea has some factors:

Appearnace of dry tea

Brewed tea

Brewed tea dregs

The quality of tea depends on the nature and chemical compounds of the leaf in the first place, which depends on the type and race of the bush, growing conditions and leaf type, and also accurate and correct processing will unveil other optimal qualities of the tea plant.

Generally, duo to the mild weather of north of Iran and avoiding poisons and insecticides in cultivation, one of the healthiest tea plants in the world can be produced.

The moderate and humid weather, fertile ground, rain and appropriate slope, altogether have made a perfect condition to grow unique tea with mild color, amazing smell, astringent and enjoyable taste.

But for unprofessional people who analyze the quality of tea, the opal or cherry red color of brewed tea with bitter, astringent flavor alongside the natural and pleasant scent is enough.

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