How to make a cup of exhilarating tea?

Brewing tasty tea is a kind of art. An art of making leaves dance in the hot water, which result in a delicious beverage perfect for refreshment, rejuvenating and exhilarating. Every leaf of tea plant is full of thousands of natural and chemical materials that can make pleasant taste and smell.

For brewing tea, pay attention to these tips:

The material of teapot has direct effect on the quality of flavor, so it’s better to use Chinese or copper teapots.

The water you use to brew tea should be of high quality and with low chlorine.

To brew tea, first boil the water and then reduce the flame untill the boiling state reduces.

Use one tablespoon of dry tea per person, fill one third of the teapot with hot water, so one part of it remains empty and brew it on mild tempretuare for about 15 minutes.

Iranian tea has stronger, more striking flavor and scent, with softer colors compared to foreign tea.

با قوری داخل فنجان چای ریختن

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