Iranian tea types:

Early spring tea:

Tea production starts in the spring, after hibernation of tea. The best tea quality is produced in the early spring and after hibernation of bushes.

Early spring tea is a high quality tea in terms of scent, taste and color, which is harvested in the spring and especially in may.

Early spring tea has the highest price among all Iranian tea types.


This type of tea has large leaves and it can be harvested in spring, summer or fall. It brews a little slower and is lighter, but possess pleasant flavor and scent.


In terms of leaf size, BOP tea is the half of OP and as a consequence brews faster and is stronger that OP tea. However, its flavor and scent is softer.


This type of tea brews faster compared to the other two types of tea and has stronger color, although is named among lower quality types of tea.

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