The story of tea in Iran

China is known as the main origin of this popular beverage. Scientifical name of original tea plant is camellia Sinensis flower, which after processing and brweing is turned into a soothing beverage.

Tea cultivation in Iran started 110 years ago, when mohamad mirza chaykar known as kashefolsaltane, the first iranian to learn cultivating and producing tea, brought 3 tea plants back to iran. When traveling to India, he analyzed the weather and found some similarities to north of Iran’s weather.

کاشف السلطنه
Kashefolsaltane, the founder of Iranian tea

He started cultivation of the tea in Lahidjan and kelarabad and developed tea industry in these regions. In 1933, the first modern tea factory was built in lahidjan.

Most of Iran’s tea gardens like darjling gardens are located on hill slopes and the products include black tea and orthodox which are without any pests or insects, so no poison or insecticides are utilized in the cultivation process.

Unfortunately, duo to weak managements in tea industry, many factories and cultivators went on bankruptcy and since then, tea fields reduced from 32000hectares to 12000 hectares, and the rest of them were replaced by buildings. But yet destroying tea fields still goes on.

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